The Gastrointestinal Centre

The Gastrointestinal Centre (GIC) is the first group practice of gastroenterologists on the Gold Coast providing consulting and G.I. endoscopic services to the entire Gold Coast and northern NSW.  Our specialists include Dr Mark Thompson, Dr Geoffrey Francis, Dr Animesh Mishra and Dr Mohammad Al-Freah who combine to provide a wealth of experience along with cutting edge training and procedural skill. Our doctors are also committed to ongoing professional development to stay abreast of the latest changes in the dynamic field of gastroenterology.  We believe this allows us to provide you with the highest standard of patient care.

They have a shared vision of high quality clinical practice.  Their passion is to provide every patient with comprehensive and personalised care, both in hospital and in the outpatient setting.  Our practice offers a model of “complete management” including expert consultation, procedures and diligent post procedural care. We have a strong commitment towards screening programs and ongoing surveillance for gastrointestinal disorders which we believe is critically important in preventing serious diseases such as cancer.  We strive to meet the needs of every patient in a timely, efficient, caring and affordable way.

 Our combined approach to provide the highest level of care for our patients allows your doctor to organise rapid access endoscopy referrals where you are seen for a consultation on the same day immediately prior to your procedure.  When required, all routine procedures are generally available within 3 to 5 days with urgent appointments obtaining immediate or early access as required.

 At all times the focus at GIC is to keep the patient and their concerns at the centre of all that we do.  We also believe that a group practice model allows us to provide strong continuity in caring for our patients.  Mark, Geoff, Animesh and Mohammad compliment each other’s service during periods of leave so GIC is always available to look after your gastrointestinal health needs.

 Being referred to specialists for management of a health problem can be intimidating.  The GIC doctors and team look forward to the opportunity of being involved in your health care and supporting you through our period of service to you.